The Manning Art Prize

Sydney Morning Herald Art Critic and Judge of the 2015 Manning Art Prize, John McDonald, announced the winners at the highly anticipated gala opening of the Manning Art Prize “Naked & Nude” on Saturday 12 September 2015. The winner of the major $10,000 Acquisitive Prize for most outstanding work in the exhibition was Robert Malherbe for his oil painting “Woman in a Black Coat”. Robert is from a small town of Blackheath in the Blue Mountains and is an exciting artist who specialises in landscapes and nudes. All winners are pictured above.

The 2017 Manning Art Prize: Naked & Nude finalists are:

Behzad Alipour
Karryn Argus
Troy Argyros
Michael Armstrong
Stephen Bird
Tracey Buxton
Amber Carbury
Peter Churcher
Jodi Clark
Dianne Coulter
Nicole Crampton
Dagmar Cyrulla
Carolyn Davis
Nada DeCat
Rodney Edelsten
Sheridan Elphick
Leah Emery
Mark Feiler
Prudence Flint
Guy Gilmour
James Guppy
James Guppy, Hilary Herrmann
Jessica Guthrie
Kristin Hardiman
Tannya Harricks
Geoff Harvey
Sally Hook
Yvette Hugill
Zai Kuang
Tatyana Kulida
Selway Lampard
miriam Loftus
Stewart MacFarlane
William Maguire
Simon Mark
Laura Matthews
Emma Michaelis
Matilda Michell
Nick Mourtzakis
Kellie Orr
Prue Platt-Hepworth
Glen Preece
Matthew Quick
Kate Rae
Bruce Rowland
Sally Ryan
Gria Shead
Michael Simms
Gary Smith
Vicki Sullivan
Helga Visser
Alex Weltlinger
Sally West
Leigha White
Lucila Zentner

The biennial Manning Art Prize commenced in 1990, with entries open to Australian artists. The Art Prize features a partnership between Friends, which funds the Art Prize through the Friends Art Fund Trust, and the Manning Regional Art Gallery who organise entries and curate the exhibition. After 25 years, the Manning Art Prize has become a prestigious national event on the Australian Arts Calendar and is open to artists in a variety of mediums. The lucrative event this year carries a $20,000 prize pool. The winning entry will be acquired by the Friends of the Manning Regional Art Gallery and donated to the Manning Regional Art Gallery permanent collection.

“Naked & Nude refers to two things: firstly the great tradition of the Nude: a person who is bare with no covering or decoration.

Secondly, a wider definition: something that is revealed, laid bare, unmasked or vulnerable”.



Close of entries  —–     7th July
Announcements of selected finalists ——   28th July
Delivery of works to the Gallery by  ——   25th August
Gala Opening & announcements of winners  ——   2nd  September
Exhibition dates ——-  2nd September to 15th October
Collection of works  ——  16th and 17th October


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